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Assistant professor in Chromatin replication and Genome stability in the Groth Group at BRIC, University of Copenhagen

We seek a highly motivated and independent candidate with expertise in chromatin replication and genome stability to unravel molecular mechanisms governing genome functon maintenance during replication. 
Our research/The group 
Our research goal is to understand how chromatin is replicated to ensure faithful transmission of genetic and epigenetic information. We are focusing on mechanisms involved in replication-coupled chromatin dynamics, propagation of histone-based information and the importance of new unmarked histones in identifying post-replicative chromatin for error-free DNA repair. To this end we are applying innovative proteomic and genomic approa­ches in combination with cutting-edge cell biology, advanced high-content imaging, single molecule analysis of replicating DNA, biochemistry and structural biology.  
The Groth group is an interdisciplinary team of and PhD students. We put high value on idea sharing as wells as collaborations within the group and externally (e.g. structural biology, proteomic, etc.), and have recently implemented Creative Problem Solving as an innovative tool to develop our research projects.    
Project/The research project(s) 
How DNA is replicated in its context of chromatin remains a fundamental question in biology central to development and disease. We have developed a technology, Nascent Chromatin Capture (NCC) that represents a unique powerful tool for proteomic analysis of chromatin replication in human cells. We have successfully profiled the dynamic composition of the human replication machinery in unperturbed conditions (Alabert et al., 2014 Nature Cell Biol 16:281) and challenged with different replication poisons. Our large proteomic datasets provide a rich resource to identify novel uncharacterized proteins involved in DNA replication and repair of damaged replication intermediates. This project will employ machine learning approaches to mine big data and predict functions of hitherto uncharacterized proteins. Selected new candidate replication and repair factors will be then be characterized functionally.
Start: Preferably January 2018 or after agreement 
Duration: 2 years 4 months, full time 
We expect you to be a highly motivated and highly ambitious scientist with the following qualifications: 
  • A PhD in Life Sciences 
  • Documented experience molecular cell biology, biochemistry, or proteomics 
  • Background in DNA replication and repair 
  • Excellent English skills written and spoken 
For further information regarding the position, please contact Professor Anja Groth on 
Place of employment 
The employment is at BRIC, University of Copenhagen. BRIC is located in the Biocenter, close to the centre of Copenhagen. We offer creative and stimulating working conditions in a dynamic and international research environment. Our research facilities include modern laboratories and a number of core facilities shared between the 23 research groups at BRIC and the neighboring Finsen Laboratory. We have weekly journal clubs, data clubs, seminars with invited speakers and a young researchers club ASAP and our own PhD programme, MoMeD and our own Postdoc Career Programme. BRIC actively participates in the European alliance, EU-life consisting of 13 excellent life science research institutions 
Please read more about the Groth research group and BRIC on  
Terms of salary and employment 
Salary, pension and terms of employment will be in accordance with the agreement between the Ministry of Finance and The Academics Central organization.  
Non-Danish and Danish applicants may be eligible for tax reductions, if they hold a PhD degree and have not lived in Denmark the last 10 years. 
The position is covered by the “Memorandum on Job Structure for Academic Staff at the Universities” of June 28, 2013. 
Your application must be submitted electronically by clicking ‘Apply now’ below or via BRIC’s website on The application must include the following documents/attachments – all in PDF format: 
  1. Motivated letter of application (max. one page). 
  2. CV incl. education, work/research experience, language skills and other skills relevant for the position. 
  3. A certified/signed copy of a) PhD certificate and b) Master of Science certificate. If the PhD is not completed, a written statement from the supervisor will do. 
  4. List of publications. 


Application deadline: 30 November 2017. 
We reserve the right not to consider material received after the deadline, and not to consider applications that do not live up to the above-mentioned requirements. 
The further process 
Shortlist: After expiry of the application deadline, the superior with power to appoint selects a number of applicants for assessment on the advice of the Appointments Committee. All applicants are immediately notified whether their application has been passed for assessment. Applicants who were not passed for assessment should not expect further with regard to their application unless the shortlist is revised. 
Assessment: The selected applications will be assessed according to the Ministry Order on the Appointment of Academic Staff at Universities 2012 and the University of Copenhagen’s guidelines 2013. The Assessment Committee makes a non-prioritized assessment of the academic qualifications and experience with respect to the above mentioned area of research, techniques, skills and other requirements listed in the advertisement. 
You can read about the recruitment process at  
BRIC and University of Copenhagen wish to reflect the diversity of society and welcome applications from all qualified candidates regardless of personal background. 

Københavns Universitet giver sine knap 10.000 medarbejdere muligheder for at udnytte deres talent fuldt ud i et ambitiøst, uformelt miljø. Vi sikrer traditionsrige og moderne rammer om uddannelser og fri forskning på højt internationalt niveau. Vi søger svar og løsninger på fælles problemer og gør ny viden tilgængelig og nyttig for andre.


Anja Groth


Ansøgningsfrist: 30-11-2017
Ansættelsesdato: 01-12-2017
Arbejdstid: Fuldtid
Afdeling/Sted: BRIC

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