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PhD fellow in Ice-core research

Center for Ice and Climate is offering a PhD scholarship on improved ice-core chronologies and synchronization of climate records for better understanding of the glacial climate.  
The PhD scholarship is intended for an outstanding candidate with a MSc degree in geophysics, physics, environmental science, or related disciplines. The position is available from 1 September 2018 as part of the ChronoClimate project which is funded by the Carlsberg Foundation.  
ChronoClimate will provide new knowledge on the chronologies of palaeoclimate records and mechanisms of abrupt climate changes of the past. The PhD student will work within an international research team out of Copenhagen (Denmark) and the work includes periods of sample preparation and analysis in Lund (Sweden) and Zürich (Switzerland), and/or Uppsala (Sweden). The candidate will be invited to participate in field work on the Greenland ice sheet. 
The exact PhD project will be adapted to the background and interests of the successful candidate building on two initial components: 
  1. The Greenland Ice Core Chronology 2005 (GICC05) will be applied to the EastGRIP ice core. It will be updated and refined in the glacial part using existing and upcoming data from the NEEM and EastGRIP ice cores 
  2. New 10Be ice-core measurements will be made in collaboration with Raimund Muscheler at Lund University. The measurements will be made in sections where there is particularly promising potential for synchronising ice-core records with other ice-core records and climate records from other palaeoclimate archives. 
Depending on the initial results, further work will be centered around how Greenland and Antarctic climate changes relate to each other using ice-core records synchronized using 10Be and volcanic signals as well as data from tree-rings, sediments and speleothems. If feasible, the data will be analysed in conjunction with climate model runs in order to investigate the governing mechanisms of climate change in the oceans, cryosphere, and atmosphere. Also linkages between solar activity and climate may be explored. 
While the main focus of the project is reconstructing the temporal and spatial development of climate change of the past, the increased process understanding can ideally be transferred to the study of future climate, thereby improving the predictive power of climate models, as well as identifying under which conditions abrupt climate change occurs. 
The Centre for Ice and Climate at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, is a world-leading research group in ice-core related climate research. The main activities of the centre are drilling and analysis of ice cores with the objective of understanding climate change in the past in order to improve our understanding of present and future climate change. The research group is international and has a strong network of national and international collaborators. For more information on the center's activities and researchers, please see
Principal supervisor: Carlsberg Foundation Distinguished Associate Professor Sune Olander Rasmussen, PI of ChronoClimate (Copenhagen). 
Co-supervisors: Associate Professor Anders Svensson, head of studies MSc Climate Change (Copenhagen), and Professor Raimund Muscheler, Chair of Quaternary Sciences, Department of Geology (Lund). 
Job description 
The position is available for a 3-year period and your key tasks as a PhD student at SCIENCE are: 
  • To manage and carry through your research project 
  • Attend PhD courses 
  • Write scientific articles and your PhD thesis 
  • Teach and disseminate your research 
  • To stay at an external research institution for a few months, preferably abroad 
  • Work for the department 
Terms of salary, work, and employment 
The preferred starting date is 1 September 2018 or as soon as possible thereafter. 
The position is covered by the Memorandum on Job Structure for Academic Staff. 
Terms of appointment and payment according to the agreement between the Ministry of Finance and The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations on Academics in the State. 
The starting salary is currently at a minimum DKK 317.448 including annual supplement (+ pension up to DKK 43.848). Negotiation for salary supplement is possible. 
How to apply 
Applications are submitted electronically via the University of Copenhagen's central employment pages by clicking APPLY NOW. 
Please include: 
  • A cover letter (optional) 
  • A statement describing your research interests and relevant background as they relate to the topics mentioned above and/or ice-core research in general (one page maximum). 
  • CV (including any publications) 
  • Diploma and transcripts of record (BSc/AB and MSc, if applicable) 
  • Three referees (include full contact details; name, affiliation, telephone, and email)  
Selection of the successful candidates will be based on accomplishments and promise of future achievement. We encourage applications from the best candidates irrespective of nationality, gender, or background. 
Deadline and application procedure 
Applications received by 3 April 2018, 23:59 (GMT+2) will receive full consideration. After this deadline, applicants for assessment are selected on the advice of the Interview Committee by the criteria stated above. Afterwards an assessment committee will be appointed to evaluate the selected applications.  
Candidates found qualified for the position may be contacted for an interview in June. 
The final selection of a successful candidate will be made based on the recommendations of the assessment committee and the interview committee.  
The successful candidate will then be invited to formally apply for enrolment as a PhD student at the PhD school of Science.  
Contact the PI of the ChronoClimate project associate professor Sune Olander Rasmussen (, +45 4140 6190). General information about PhD programmes at SCIENCE is available at  

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Ansøgningsfrist: 03-04-2018
Ansættelsesdato: 01-09-2018
Arbejdstid: Fuldtid
Afdeling/Sted: Section for Ice and Climate

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