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Post Doc Position: Developing the GREEN REFORM MODEL: A Model of the Interaction of the Environment and the Danish Economy

Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen  
The project “Developing the GREEN REFORM Model: A Model of the Interaction of the Environment and the Danish Economy” directed by Professor Peter Birch Sørensen and Director of the Danish Institute for Economic Modelling and Forecasting (DREAM) Peter Stephensen is hiring one Post Doc. The position is funded by a grant from the Carlsberg Foundation and is open from 1 October 2017 or as soon as possible thereafter. The chosen candidate is hired for a period of three years and four months.  
The candidate must have obtained a PhD degree in Economics. The applicant should have proven research experience. The ideal candidate will have prior knowledge of and academic publications in the field of Environmental Economics and some experience with computable general equilibrium modelling. The candidate must be prepared to participate in developing the GREEN REFORM model of the Danish economy.  
This position is primarily aimed at applicants who have obtained their Ph.D. in Economics within the past three years.  
Job description  
The post doc position is an integral part of a research project aimed at developing a computable general equilibrium model which can simulate the environmental effects of Danish economic activity and the economic effects of policy interventions to meet the targets for Danish environmental, energy and climate policy. The model will account for the impact of economic activity in the different sectors of the Danish economy on the emissions of pollutants considered to be important for environmental quality in Denmark and for Denmark’s contribution to cross-border and global pollution. This will require a modeling of endogenous pollution abatement activity and the impact of government regulation on such activity. The model will also allow a detailed mapping of the use of inputs of energy, water and materials in different sectors as well as their generation of various waste products. Special emphasis will be put on a detalied and disaggregated modeling of the following sectors which play a particularly important role in Danish environmental and climate policy: Energy, transport, waste treatment, agriculture, fishery, forestry, and land use more generally.  
The project has two main goals: 1) To develop a model which can be useful to Danish policy makers by allowing an integrated assessment of environmental and economic policies, 2) To create scientific value-added by contributing to the international academic literature on the evaluation of environmental policies and climate policies.  
The project will involve synergy effects with a related joint research project between the University of Copenhagen and Statistics Denmark which uses the Green National Accounts for the Danish economy to develop measures of stocks of natural capital and a Green Net National Product for Denmark. This project, directed by Peter Birch Sørensen from the Department of Economics and Chief Adviser Ole Gravgård Pedersen from Statistics Denmark, will provide part of the data input for the GREEN REFORM model.  
The modelling work will be followed by an advisory group including representatives from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Environment and Food, Statistics Denmark, the Danish Economic Councils, the Danish Council on Climate Change and a leading international expert on environmental economics and green national accounts.  
Salary and conditions of employment  
A postdoctoral position is a fixed-term academic position. The position is heavily weighted in favour of research. Other duties (e.g. research administration) may,furthermore, have to be performed to a limited extent. The University determines the exact ratio between the various responsibilities. The ratio may vary over time. The position will not contribute to a broadening of pedagogical competencies. Therefore, the postdoctoral position may not alone qualify for appointment as Associate Professor/Senior Researcher.  
Salary and conditions of employment will be in accordance with the agreement between the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC). The annual salary for postdoctoral researchers is within the range DKK 388,000 – 409,000 (EUR 52,200 – 55,000 app.). In addition to the salary paid directly to you, the University will also pay a monthly contribution to your pension fund corresponding to 17.1 % of your salary. Negotiation for additional supplements will be possible. A special tax scheme is offered for researcher’s recruited abroad, see  
Applications should include the following parts:  
1) application, including reasons for applying for this position (max. 2 pages)  
2) curriculum vitae, including list of publications  
3) diplomas – all relevant certificates  
4) publications to be considered in the assessment (max. 5)  
The parts must be clearly labeled with the above-mentioned numbers.  
Please note that applications will be assessed on the basis of these mandatory enclosures. Applicants cannot expect for any additional documentation to be taken into account in the assessment.  
Application procedure  
After the expiry of the deadline for applications, applicants are selected for assessment on the advice of the Appointment Committee. All applicants are then immediately notified whether an expert assessment committee has passed their application for assessment. Selected applicants are notified of the composition of the committee and each applicant has the opportunity to comment on the part of the assessment that relates to the applicant him/herself. You can read about the recruitment process at  
The University of Copenhagen wishes to encourage everyone interested in this post to apply, regardless of personal background.  
For further information, please contact Professor Peter Birch Sørensen, email:  
The deadline for applications including enclosures is 23 August 2017 (at 11:00 PM Danish Time)  
Please note: Applications must be submitted and documents must be uploaded online. Press “Apply now” and fill in the application form.  
Applications received after deadline will not be taken into account.  

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Peter Birch Sørensen


Ansøgningsfrist: 23-08-2017
Ansættelsesdato: 01-10-2017
Arbejdstid: Fuldtid
Afdeling/Sted: Økonomisk Institut

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